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$16 for 6 Assorted Li├Ęge Waffles at Wanda's Belgian Waffles $69 for Dinner for 2 at Signs Restaurant $27.50 for Tea Time for 2 at Ruelo Patisserie $11 for Breakfast at Bacon Nation $12 for $20 of Gourmet Grilled Cheese at Get Melted Cafe

School Liberty Village


It's fun to go to school when you are a grown-up, especially when school is one of the best brunch spots in Toronto. I love French toast with lots of crispy bacon on top, and then pouring lots of maple syrup over the whole pile. When I heard the super cheesy bacon French toast at School Liberty Village was out of this world, I couldn't wait to try it. It was amazing. I loved the shot glass of maple syrup on the side.


The decor at School is great; there are apples on the tables and the patio looks like a hipster school yard.


The menu items are fun and inventive like the Krispy Krunch French Toast which is rolled in "Snap, Crackle & Pop w/ Orange Maple Marmalade + Sugar Dust." The "Is Quinoa a Carb? Burger" is covered in jalepeno jack cheese, bourbon BBQ sauce and guac. School is just half-days here- it is open for breakfast, lunch and weekday brunch. Rosie :)


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Appalachia Smokehouse & BBQ


Do you love slow smoked BBQ all smothered with delicious sauce? Appalachia is the real deal. The brisket, pulled pork and chicken sandwiches are seasoned with a signature house rub and piled on fresh brioche buns.


The baby back ribs are outstanding. Keep in mind you can only get these after 5pm.


All the sides are made in-house. Love the baked beans and the sweet potato fries. Coleslaw comes with every sandwich.

Appalachia ribs

So awesome to have such authentic BBQ in south Etobicoke. Rosie :)

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Wheelers Pancake House in Lanark County


My wonderful aunt and uncle recently visited Lanark Country, the "Maple Syrup Capital" of Ontario. They had an amazing time at Wheelers, which offers a year-round maple syrup experience. Maple syrup production has wrapped up for the year but fresh maple syrup is always for sale and the delicious pancake house is open seven days a week. At Wheelers Pancake House, a entire bottle of maple syrup arrives the table even when you only order one enormous pancake for $3.75.

rsz_wheelersmaplesyrup (2).jpg

My family knows I can't resist a good food pic so they snapped their yummy fluffy giant pancake and sent it along. Wheelers Maple Products and Sugar Camp is owned and operated by the Wheeler family. Vernon Wheeler (who started working in a sugar bush at age six) holds the Guinness World Record for the 'largest collection of maple syrup production artifacts'. Wheelers Maple Products, Pancake House and Sugar Bush is located at 1001 Highland Line, Lanark Highlands (McDonalds Corners) in eastern Ontario. It is open year-round, seven days a week from 9am to 3pm. Rosie :)


Los Colibris


Located in the Theatre District right across from Roy Thomson Hall, Los Colibris (which means 'the hummingbirds') is Toronto's first upscale Mexican restaurant. It has a really cool decor, excellent service and inventive dishes. The Tijuana Caesar salad is covered with smoky homemade chorizo sausage, cotija cheese, and a Caesar dressing infused with anchovy and pomegranate seeds.

loscolibriscaesar (2).jpg

The flat iron steak was very good, but the lightly spiced braised lamb shank with ancho and chipotle was outstanding.

loscolibrislamb (2).jpg

Chef Elia Herrera who grew up in central Mexico is a brilliant pastry chef and the desserts at Los Colibris are remarkable. The chocolate flan is a stunning creation with burnt milk ice cream, guajillo orange confit and nutella wafer.

loscolibrisdessert1 (2).jpg

I forget what this was. I had a lot of white wine and cocktails with really good tequila by this point. But it was so good!

loscolibrisdessert2 (2).jpg

Los Colibris features an impressive selection of Mexican craft beers and tequila-based cocktails, and a reasonably priced wine list. The 'Fin de Dias' was loaded with three ounces of cazadores blanco tequila, campari, lime juice, agave, pale ale float, and grapefruit zest.


Fun, fancy and most importantly very flavourful. Rosie :)

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K&B Sushi


There are lots of high quality all-you-can-eat sushi spots in the GTA, but none in the south Etobicoke neighbourhood until now. K&B Sushi on the Queensway offers an amazing selection of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai cuisines and sushi chefs that know their stuff.



The fish was outstanding and the menu selection was huge. iPad ordering allows you to easily make your menu selections and send them to the sushi bar.




Table favourites were the short ribs, the fried tofu, and the eel.




K&B Sushi also has a location in Oakville. The Toronto location is open for lunch and dinner and local delivery is available. Rosie :)

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Charlie's Burgers is a series of private dinners in Toronto hosted by different high-profile chefs in different locations. In 2010 it was ranked by Food and Wine Magazine as the number three "word of mouth" supper club on its list of "100 Best New Food and Drink Experiences in the World". How does it work? Selected guests are sent a date, told how much cash to bring and then given directions to a secret spot such as a street corner, where you receive other instructions that lead you to the actual venue. Once you arrive, you are treated to an insane multi-course dinner prepared by an internationally renowned chef. The chef hosting our evening was James Henry of Bones, one of the most sought after restaurants in Paris. We had to arrive at Queen and Peter at 8:45pm, look for a man on a barrel, and ask him if he had any old Michelin guides. You are then given the address of the dinner... and then the games begin.

Aperitif: Falanghina, Camporeale, Lunarossa from Campania, Italy.


Amuse bouche were paired with blanc de blancs, Schramsberg 2012, Calistoga California. A classic French Terrine:


Radishes with nettle butter.


Raw fish and turnips.


Steamed oysters with burnt lemon, lime and orange oil (these were INCREDIBLE)


After the amuse bouche came asparagus with ramps and bottarga (dried mullet roe, a Mediterranean delicacy) paired with Fernao Pires, Porta de Teira, Ninfa Branco, 2012 Tejo Portugal.


This was a "TBD" course... it turned out to be clams with potato. Amazing.


Blood cake with peas and broad beans. Paired with Granata, Barranco Oscuro, 2010, Granada, Spain.


The final dish was spectacular- aged beef with romaine and anchovy. Paired with Barbara d'Alba, La Cresta, D.O.C, Roche Dei Manzoni, 2010 Piedmont Italy.


James Henry used an impressive array of Ontario ingredients from nettles to local cheeses. The dessert was outstanding- an almond tart that was not too sweet, with a goat milk sorbet. A refreshing ending to a very rich meal. This was paired with sherry, a 30 year-old Oloroso, Bodegas Tradicion from Jerez Spain.

almond tart.jpg

The sommelier was knowledgeable and delightful... all the servers were just as excited to be there as the guests.


There were about 70 people at this secret pop-up dinner, and the wonderful thing about Charlie's Burgers events is that you all sit together and you meet such lovely people. We dined with Mac and Norma who were wonderful. What a fun night... incredible food and wine, and it was spectacular to get to experience one of the hottest restaurants in France right in downtown Toronto. Rosie :)




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